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What type of seal do I have?

There are 3 main types of fridge / freezer door seals.

Flap Type Seal

As the name suggests, there is a flap on the back of the seal. This flap sits trapped in between the door liner and the door itself. They can be glued or screwed in.

Bead / Hook Type Seal

This type of seal has a small bead shape on the back of the seal, this bead sits in a raised bead shaped section on the edge of your door liner - occasionally they will have a metal retaining strip holding them in, if not they can be attached by screws through the liner or by glue (we do not normally have to re- glue the new seal).

Push - In Type Seal

The most simple type of seal to replace, the seal will have an arrow head like section on the back of the seal which simply pushes into a channel on the door liner.

Do you stock my door seal?


We stock thousands of seals - we are the manufacturers so if we don't stock it we will almost certainly be able to make it for you.

Do I need a new fridge seal?

If your current seal is not sealing, if the seal is too hard, damaged or split then yes, you do need a new seal. Also look out for dis- coloured, smelly seals, a build up of ice in the fridge or freezer or leaking water from your fridge, these can all be warning signs that a new seal is required.

How much will this cost?

Costs vary depending on your model / size and single or pair combinations. typically you can expect to pay around $90 for a pair plus shipping.

Can I collect my seal?

Yes, if you are close enough to us we are located in Willaston, SA. Please make sure you call in advance as we cannot manufacture seals "while you wait".

Where is the model number on my fridge?

There is no need to move your fridge to find the model number - usually model numbers are located on a manufacturers plate INSIDE the fridge, sometimes on the side wall, base or side of the inside door. occasionally you may find them on the kick plate underneath the main door.

Can you install my seal?

We no longer install domestic (household) fridge or freezer door seals. We can recommend somebody if you are located in South Australia, South Eastern Suburbs and Mornington Peninsula (Victoria), the Whitsundays, please call for more information.

How much is postage?

Flat rate post is currently $14.45. We can only ship flat rate using our own couriers, any location not covered by our couriers can be sent by Australia post Parcel Post / Express, these are both calculated in the checkout.

I received two D- shaped seals by mistake.

We do not manufacture D- shaped seals. Please open the package, unfold the seal(s) and lay flat to settle.

My seal has not arrived yet.

Express Post

Express Post is not express manufacture. Manufacturing times for non- stock seals will vary. We do NOT offer next day delivery. Once dispatched you should receive an email from Australia Post with an expected ETA, if your seal has not been delivered on time we can raise an enquiry for you.

Courier / Parcel Post

Once dispatched you should receive an email from Australia Post / Couriers Please with an expected ETA, if your seal has not been delivered on time we can raise an enquiry for you. We cannot raise an enquiry until the expected eta for delivery has passed.